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 I was recently separated two years ago and went on beweetch.com. I met Paul and we have been together a year and three months.
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update of the 14 june 2015

Preliminaries :

The Terms and Conditions detailed below define the framework within which the User agrees to respect the rules of use and operation of sites beweetch.fr and le-mag.beweetch.fr and are deemed accepted by the user upon subscription.

Presentation of the site and the services. Terms of sales;

Beweetch is a trademark of Convolia Company, joint stock company having equity capital of 5883.00 euros, It is registered in the Trade and Companies of Paris (France) under the reference 794 303 552 and is represented by its President and Director of publication Eric Sites Guillebon . The registered office is located 6 rue de la Chancellerie, 78000 Versailles, France. The sites are hosted on the servers of the Convolia Company.

The Access to services from le-mag.beweetch.fr and/or from beweetch.fr site implies the acceptance without reservation of the provisions below , by the Users .

Beweetch is a serious and sustaining dating service among adults online and offline, allowing its users to meet upon affinities and centers of shared interests .

Beweetch offers to its users a test of affinity when they register on the site. This test is used to propose corresponding profiles of users, close to their expectations, and also entertainments in the real life.

During registration, the Users are invited to complete a questionnaire that will establish their profile page. This step is necessary to promote them appropriate dating on beweetch.fr sites with other users likely to match with them.

The user of the site can contact Convolia company either by filling the contact printed form, or by phone or by mail to contact@beweetch.fr

Definitions ; * (go to end of page)

Acceptance of General terms and conditions of sales (CGU/CGV) ;

The User agrees to provide all necessary information in due time the disclosure of which is deemed useful for the execution of this contract.

The User undertakes to provide upon accession, as well as in any subsequent order, the exact information that is requested, and that, within the necessary time without the need to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information .

Beweetch commits on his side to provide users a set of computer skills as well as human resources?

These Terms and Conditions of Use, subject to French law, are intended to regulate the use of beweetch.fr and le-mag.beweetch.fr sites with the use of their various paid and free services. Browse on Beweetch Sites and / or registering for a service implies full unconditional acceptance of Terms of Use by user's Website. The User must tick the box "By registering you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Use and certify you are reached majority"

Beweetch reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions by notifying in advance to each of its users by email or on its homepage. If you disagree with these changes, the User may notify it within four (4) weeks in writing and Beweetch may decide to remove the account of the user to ensure the proper functionality of the site. After a period of four(4) weeks new Terms and Conditions will be deemed accepted.

Access to the site and services;

To access the Services you will need a computer, laptop and/or smart mobile phone. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have (and continue to have) access to one of these devices including the cost of using these devices.

Access to free services of the site

Upon recording on the site, the User agrees to a first permanent contract , giving him access to free Beweetch services. Users must have access to the internet service in order to be able to access the services of the site, and a computer correctly set up. The different services of the site are accessible from the creation of the account by the user on the Site. Registration takes place in two steps: First, creating a User account with a login, an email address and create a confidential password. Secondly the user is prompted to answer the affinity questionnaire of Beweetch. After these steps, the user has access to all the free services of the site. The user can, if he wishes, get access to all of the Beweetch services he has to subscribe to one of the various formulas proposed by the beweetch.fr site.

The email addresses will not be,in any way, communicated to other site users and will only serve for the communication between the website and users.

Upon registration to services, the User agrees to the Terms and Conditions and confirms to be an adult (having at least eighteen years under French law).

Access to the paid Services of the site

By subscribing to the pay services of Beweetch, the registered user concludes with Beweetch a second contract, different from the contract presented above, and giving access to all the services of Beweetch. As in the previous contract, the User agrees to the Terms and Conditions and be an adult (having at least eighteen years under French law).

When browsing on the site, the User is informed by a page containing the different fares offered by the company Convolia as well as payment options. The features provided by this contract are available upon payment using one of the option chosen by the User.

When subscribing to paid services of beweetch, the user will receive an overview of the payment order, including the reference to the purchase, the duration of the chosen subscription, the amount invoiced and the invoice date. The Convolia company also will acknowledge receipt of purchase by e-mail upon validation in which notably included the main features of the service purchased, namely the duration of the subscription, the billing process, the amount charged, and these General Conditions, including contact information of the company Convolia.

by subscribing to the paid service of Beweetch, the User must immediately pay the amount corresponding to his contract before having access to these services.

the amounts to be paid by the User shall bear interest at the legal rate equals to one and half times the legal rate of interest, dated from the sending by the provider of a registered letter containing prior notice to it.

In addition, upon a non-paid invoice of more than thirty (30) days of the invoice, Beweetch will be entitled to suspend all the services provided by these Terms and Conditions until the payment of the invoice, but the suspension cannot be considered as a termination of this contract.

In case of fraudulent, illegal or result in non-compliance with obligations under these terms and conditions, Beweetch reserves the right to block access to its services to a user. The blocking of access to services by Beweetch does not change the obligation of the User to honor his contract by paying the subscription ordered and shall not require any refund if these services have been accessed or used (cf. termination)

Any payment made to Beweetch in this case is not reimbursed up to the amount of 300.00 euros, but withheld as a penalty clause and without prejudice to any claim for damages which could Beweetch could prevail. In addition, the User will have to pay the difference between the sum already paid by him and the amount of 300.00 euros if he has paid an amount less than 300.00 euros. In any case Beweetch has the right to seek damages.

Functionalities proposed by the site ;

On connection to beweetch.fr site based on the free or paid formula chosen, the user has the option of:

- Run the affinity test and have access to results

- Create his/her profile page with information such as age, occupation, location, add one or more photos of him and a personalized sentence presenting him. His record will also contain the latest activities in which he participated.

- Search through the geo-localisation map and research fields, other users or activities. A User may freely participate in activities of his choice as per the subscribing option he selected.

- Check the list of members with the greatest affinity or common points as per stated by the Beweetch service .

- Consult the calendar of scheduled activities by other Users or by himself .

- Create activities of their choice as long as they remain legal and are ensuring the safety of other users wishing to participate to them .

- Subscribe to activities and participate to it, and depending on activities\ options, invite others to these activities based on availability and the agreement of the creator of the activity .

- Alert the Beweetch moderation team, when a member does not respect the Terms and Conditions. .

- Send messages to other users (subjected to having acquired the subscription) through the messaging of the site , and send "enchantments" .

- Consult profiles on the profile list automatically offered on the site or on location map .

- Consult activities on the list of proposed ones automatically by the site or on the location map

Payment : terms, conditions, security, etc. ;

The User guarantees beweetch, upon registration, that the data and information he provided is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

The user has access to the subscription terms of paid services of the site and its fare since its interface/account. This subscription is possible by credit card with the secure interface, by PayPal and by cheque to the order of Convolia society. Rates shown are expressed all taxes included (TTC) and in Euro.

The User agrees to pay the required amounts of the subscription and the duration he has selected.

The User authorizes beweetch.fr to execute the bank transfer payment for the service he has chosen during his subscription, in order to pay for the services on the site.

In the event of default of payment from the user, Beweetch will remove or restrict access to paid services on the site until settlement of the dud amount.

The contract duration, as per subscribed applies from date to date (for exemple, a contract signed on December 10 for a duration of 3 Months will end on 10 February).

The company keeps all the computer records of payments from customers and iskeeping valid evidence relating to contractual obligations of each party.

The price and terms of payment for the Paid Services are constantly available during the presentation or the use of the paid Service (s) for which the Member wishes to subscribe, and its (their) respective price (s)

The prices are in Euros TTC (all taxes included).

The purchase of a subscription on the account of a Member is almost simultaneous to the validation of the transaction by credit card.

Terms for re-newing a subscription

The member may at any time notify the Convolia Company about his wish to terminate its Subscription at no cost other than those possibly related to the transmission of his request. The cancellation will take effect at the expiry date of the current Subscription, provided that the notification is made by the member no later than 48 hours before the expiry date of the current subscription, in accordance with section "termination" below.

At the expiration of a subscription, it will be -unless the termination has been notified by the Member to the Convolia Company before the end of the current Subscription, under the above specified conditions-, be renewed for a periods equivalent to the one initially chosen by the member . The extended subscription will be charged to the member on the rate base and frequency of the subscription initially subscribed by the member. The member may terminate at any time the subscription which is extended for an indefinite period, which shall terminate at the end of the current subscription period, under the condition that the notification is placed by the Member to the Convolia Company no later than 48 hours before the expiry date of the current Subscription.

Pursuant to Article L 136-1 of the French Consumer Code, the Convolia Company will inform the concerned member concerned, and through e-mail, sent at least thirty (30) days before the extinctive term of the initial subscription, stating that it may terminate its Subscription for free before the due date thereof by notifying the Company Convolia, otherwise, its Subscription will be extended by periods equivalent to those initially chosen by the member until the member notify the company Convolia his wish to terminate his Subscription in progress in the conditions described in the Article "termination" below.

In addition, similar information on the expiry date of the Subscription of a Member is constantly referred to the Members in the "Settings", which allows them to manage their subscription and options of their account accordingly.

Responsibilities : of the site, of the users, of 3rd parties ;

Responsibilities of the User :

In order to ensure proper operation of the site in accordance with the users and services offered by beweetch.fr, Users must follow certain rules and laws in force.

Therefore, the User agrees to comply with the following rules:

- Be courteous and fair with the Site and Users,

- The User guarantees that the information provided during registration, as well as in any subsequent order is accurate.

- The User may, if desired, import a photo of himself on his profile, but should take in no case, a picture of a third party or a photo displaying pornographic or provocative nature.

- The User agrees not to disclose information enabling direct contact with others such as name, mailing address or e-mail, phone or fax numbers except where that such information as requested by Beweetch.

- The User is not authorized to communicate nor disclose information about other Site users, such as contact information, without the express consent of the latter, either on site or off site.

- The User commits to update his data at each change occurring, whether it concerns his profile information, or his contact details and bank information, in order to ensure payments of Beweetch services.

- The User agrees not to use the site for commercial or business purposes and therefore prohibits himself from any canvassing or hypertext link broadcast and post content from the scope of services offered by the site. The use of the site is exclusively intended for private purposes.

- The User agrees not to use the site for requesting nor offering money nor other profit nor non-profit delivery, having no relation with the spirit conveyed by the beweetch.fr site.

Responsabilities of Beweetch :

Despite all the technical efforts made, Beweetch cannot be held responsible if no contact is performed during the period of the service subscription. Indeed contacts between Users can only occur in case of mutual agreement of users.

Beweetch commits to make to the implementation of its services all the required professionalism and quality.

Beweetch is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by users on the site when they register with the affinity test or when they are browsing on the site. Beweetch cannot be held responsible for the results of the affinity test and resulting comparisons between the profiles of Users. These results last are directly related to the veracity of information that each user registers about his profile.

Beweetch cannot be considered as responsible in case of fault, negligence, omission, failure of Users.

Despite all the technical effort to secure the data, Beweetch could not be held responsible for any unauthorized access to the profile data of the sites in case that access is made by hackers or if data are disclosed by the User or by third parties.

Beweetch reserves the right to carry out maintenance and updates of the site even during periods of peak of use. Beweetch may also be required to suspend the services of its website at any time and without notice, in case of urgent maintenance to ensure the safety of its Users' data

It is up to each user to be vigilant and ensure his own safety during a meeting with one or more other site users, Beweetch not be held responsible in case of problems of some sorts that whether in a meeting or out.

Beweetch not be held responsible for breach proved its obligations defined in these Terms and Conditions of Use. Beweetch the responsibility in this case can not be accepted in case of direct, in any case for indirect damage which is not derived directly from this contract could not be charged to it.

Beweetch not be held responsible in case of force majeure, event or incident beyond the control of Beweetch or any other fact on which Beweetch would have no power to control or surveillance.

Beweetch may at any time be required to check and verify the information provided by Users, including texts written by these recent pictures and profiles. In case of violation of these Terms and Conditions Beweetch may have to delete information of users.

It is up to each User to be vigilant and ensure his own safety during a meeting with one or more other site User(s). Beweetch cannot be held responsible in case of problems of any sort whether it happens in a meeting or out of a meeting.

Beweetch can only be held responsible for proven breach of its obligations, as per defined in these Terms and Conditions of Use. Beweetch responsibility in this case can only be accepted in case of direct damages but in no case indirect damage which would not directly be derived from this contract could be allocated to Beweetch.

Beweetch cannot be held responsible in case of force majeure, event or incident beyond the control of Beweetch or any other fact on which Beweetch would have no power to control nor survey.

Beweetch may at any time be required to check and verify the information provided by Users, including texts written by these recent pictures and profiles. In case of violation of these Terms and Conditions Beweetch may have to delete information of users.

guarantees ;

Beweetch agrees to provide as much as possible the best possible quality of service.
In trade between site users Beweetch, the Beweetch cannot guarantee that each user will realize its expectations and aspirations by using this site.

For each meeting, Beweetch cannot warranty to its users that they will find what they expected to, when they decided to participate this meeting or to register to the services of the sites. Beweetch has an obligation of means for the services offered but no obligation of result.

Intellectual properties;

Beweetch has the exclusive property of the site content (the texts, the affinity test, the logos, the Terms and Conditions, the copyright, the photographs, the illustrations images, the trademarks, the domain names, the graphics, the web development technologies).

Beweetch also has the exclusive property of other content coming from its services.

The User agrees not to distribute, reproduce, upload content owned by Beweetch without the express permission of the site.

Beweetch is a registered trademark to the INPI, its contents cannot be reproduced in any form whatsoever.

hypertext links ;

The web pages of beweetch.fr Sites and le-mag.beweetch.fr may contain hyperlinks to websites published by third parties (the "Third Party Sites") of the Convolia Company and on which Convolia does not exercise any kind of control. In no event shall the responsibility of Convolia company be liable for the content of Third Party Sites nor to the content to which these sites may link.

Making contact with any external website by a User is at the sole risk of the User.

Convolia makes no warranty to the use of hyperlinks nor to the use of security information of all kinds that they could ask the User. The User will not be able , in this context, to claim in case of disputes.

Personal Data ;

The Convolia Company complies with the most stringent European and French standards of protection of privacy and personal data and was the subject of the relevant declarations to the French authority for personal data protection CNIL under the following numbers: 1719037 and 1719138 .

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and liberties, the User has the right for oppositions (art 26 of the law), for access (art .34 to 38 of the Act) and correction (art.36 of the law) of data about him. The User may require that information -which is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, outdated or whose collection or use, disclosure or storage is prohibited- are modified, completed, updated or deleted

The information collected is subjected to a treatment designed to offer to the users of Beweetch sites : other members and meetings or events, as well as promotional emails to its services.

The User agrees to receive newsletters and promotional offers from Beweetch on the email address he has provided during registration to the website.

The User may at any time change its subscription to these services in order to no longer receive them.

Use of Cookies ;

the Cookies record espcially information about the IP address, browser type, the URL of the browsed pages and the operating system of the computer users.

Beweetch uses cookies to store the parameter for trimming and tracking the usage of its sites by Users (le-mag.beweetch.fr, beweetch.fr) to prevent the user to reconnect to each visited page.

Beweetch also uses Google Analytics, a Google Inc. analytics service Google Analytics which uses cookies, which are stored on your computer and allow an analysis of the use of its sites. The information generated by these cookies during browsing of the user on the site are usually transmitted to a Google server and stored on it.

Termination ;

Termination for non-subscriber Members

The cancellation of the registration of the User takes effect automatically. Termination thereof results in complete removal of the account, its data and the User messages.

The User may terminate at any time his contract of use of Beweetch services by deleting his account. Taking account of this termination will be immediate and the user will have no more access to his account and will have to create a new one if he wants to get new services from Beweetch.

In case of failure, (see section User Responsibility) Beweetch may enforce termination of the contract and automatically terminate the account of a member with or without prior notification.

Termination for subscriber Members

Each Member may terminate its registration to Paid services by requesting the closure of his account at any time with the Convolia Company without any charges other than those related to the transmission of the application and without any reason, in particular through "My account "of the Beweetch sites or by any means that can be shown in this "my account" section. This request will be deemed to be effective on the business day following receipt by the Company Convolia demand of closing the account. This request does not trigger reimbursement to the member of the remaining period of the subscription member.

The cancellation of a Subscription decided by the member takes effect upon the expiration date of the current Subscription, under the condition that the notification is made by the Member to the Convolia Company not later than 48 hours before the due date of the current running subscription.

Notwithstanding other provisions of the Terms of Use, in case of serious breach of the member, the Convolia Corporation terminates the Member's account without notice or demand. This cancellation produces the same effects as that decided by the member. Similarly, the Convolia Company may excludeand outlaw any Member who does not strictly respect one of the fundamental obligations set out in section User Responsibility, during events organized by the Convolia company.

Notwithstanding other provisions of the Terms of Use, in case of a member's default, the Convolia Company terminates the Member's account seven (7) days after sending the member an e-mail asking him to comply with Conditions of Use remained unsuccessful.

This termination will be without prejudice to any damages that might be claimed by the Convolia Company to the member or his assigns or his legal representatives, in compensation for damages suffered by the Convolia Company Convolia or them, because of such failures.

The member will be notified by email of the cancellation or confirmation of the termination of his account. Data of the Member will be destroyed upon his request or upon expiration of the legal time period following the termination of the member's account.

Right of withdrawal;

the user has a period of fourteen (14) days from the subscription of Paid Services to Beweetch, to exercise his right of withdrawal, without cause and without penalty. This right of withdrawal is only possible on sole condition that the User has not yet accessed or used the paid services of the site in accordance with Article L121-21 of the French Consumer Code.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the User must send his request by mail with their email address and order number it received after its subscription to paid services to:

Convolia SAS

After sales service

6 rue de la Chancellerie 78000 Versailles, France

or email his request to : contact@beweetch.fr

In case of withdrawal the User will be refunded within 30 days of receipt of the written application by all possible means of payment.

Force majeure;

In case of force majeure within the meaning of the French court for this term, beyond those usually retained by the jurisprudence of French courts and tribunals, Beweetch will suspend the execution of the subscription contract. In case of Force Majeuregreater than two weeks, the subscription contract will be automatically terminated, unless the parties agree otherwise. It is the same for events beyond the will of Beweetch.

These Terms apply to the extent permitted by the law.

applicable law and jurisdictions;

This contract is governed by French law, any dispute arising between the parties will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Paris .

* Definitions :

"Convolia" means the publisher of the website : beweetch.fr

"Beweetch" means a service accessible via internet and mobile to promote virtual meetings and real adult individuals for personal, leisure and non-commercial purposes.

"beweetch.fr" means the beweetch website as a whole

"Site" means beweetch.fr site and its mobile app.

"Subscription" means a paid package giving access to all the services available to Beweetch for its members.

"User" means a person who registers on the site to access various free or paid services.

"User account" means the personal data recorded by the user during registration and throughout the duration of his subscription on the site.

"Affinity Questionnaire" is the affinity Beweetch test. This allows to present each user profiles and outputs who fits to him